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Written by on 11/01/2018

Mandeville, LA –

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Special Guest Joseph Pearce host of The Pearcing Truth

FieldMarshall Pearce – he has gotten a promotion to the highest.

  • The house of Lancaster not the house of York.
  • I want to be the Duke of York!
  • The absolute beauty of Walshingham. What must have been the largest Abbey in Christendom.
  • It started raining….from Forest Gump
  • Humility, humility, humility
  • Where time joins eternity.
  • From a Heavenly perspective, this isn’t in the past. Everything is present for Him.
  • Human creativity becomes a form of praise, but all of that requires humility.
  • Putting yourself first, self empowerment etc is how our education system runs now.
  • They are looking to satiate that hunger in all the wrong places.
  • Human beings need spiritual empowerment.
  • There is a hunger for Christ. You can see this by society reaching out in the ways of same-sex issues and not even knowing their own gender.
  • Mrs. Church and I met K.V. Turley in London we met him at Paddington Station
  • London – Look around you everywhere you look there is Catholicism.
  • Most of my best friends are Native American –
  • All of this 1/1024th Native American stuff, it is crazy.
  • The top one inch of my finger nail is royal.
  • We have to be careful not to have charity leave the discussion but humor is the best way to deflate this.
  • I have a Pearcing way of looking at this.

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