The War of Demonic Aggression Part 1 – The Deliver Us From Evil Tapes, S1 E1

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UPDATED 17042008 – This Episode has been edited to correct a pair of editorial mistakes and re-released for your enjoyment!

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Mandeville, LA – Ralph & Mike are back, with the biggest and best Deliver Us From Evil Tapes episode yet! The War of Demonic Aggression, kicking off the second season of the hit series with a cliffhanger. The story focuses on the tribulations the Barnett family suffered in Wartrace Tennessee for 6 years, at the hand of ghosts and a vicious, demonic spirit.

Season 2, Episode 1 highlights.

  • This haunting was experienced by an 11 year old child…for SIX years!
  • The child, a girl named Lilly, had the gift of spiritual sight.
  • The house was also haunted by the ghosts of Confederate soldiers, killed only yards from the home.
  • Ralph Sarchie investigated this house for an episode of his TV show The Demon Files.
  • The house is located on a tract of land demonologists call “perfect” for an infestation.
  • Lilly saw the creature the day the Barnett’s moved in the house and nearly everyday thereafter.
  • Lilly’s story as a foster child makes the haunting all the more horrifying.

Written by: MikeChurch

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